Dirk Weber, CEO Ebay Germany
Dirk Weber, CEO Ebay Germany

05 Mar. 2012


Ebay, the global online market place, has announced various plans regarding its payment process and structure of fees for sellers in Germany. The innovations will come into effect during spring and summer 2012, and aim at increasing security for the involved parties.

Starting on May 3, the new charging structure will simplify and unify the commission system. Over the summer the company will implement a payment process that will allow buyers in the German market place to pay Ebay directly, which provides enhanced security and consistency. In addition, sellers with top ratings will be able to place their offerings in a preferred way to increase their visibility by approximately 10%.

Further information and a checklist for sellers can be found here.

New payment process Ebay Germany
New payment process Ebay Germany

Inga Zangers

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