Surface of the #miZXFLUX app
Surface of the #miZXFLUX app

22 Aug. 2014

Customizing on a new level: Adidas launches #miZXFLUX App

Sportswear giant Adidas launches its newest play tool for sneakerheads today: the #miZXFLUX app. With the help of this iOS/Android app, customers can take or upload pictures to be subsequently printed on their very personal version of Adidas’ Zx Flux sneaker model.

After having taken a picture of anything in their environment from faces to food or landscapes, users can turn, scale and position their image with the help of a so-called butterfly overly. As soon as the user is happy with the result, a 360° 3D preview of the resulting shoe is created and can be stored, shared via social networks or simply be purchased and delivered for a price of €110.

Watch how the #miZXFLUX app is working, explained by the Adidas team:
Maria Hunstig

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