Xiao Li, winner of the ITS Diesel Award 2013
Xiao Li, winner of the ITS Diesel Award 2013

17 Jul. 2013

Chinese designer wins ITS 2013 Diesel Award

The final event of the 2013 edition of International Talent Support (ITS), the 2013 Diesel Award, based on the theme “Denim Revolution,” was given to Xiao Li, a Chinese student from the Royal College of Art.

The jury was captivated by the strongly innovative approach applied by Xiao to her interpretation of the brief. Her proposal was the most consistent with denim heritage and details but at the same time “revolutionary.” She applied innovative silicon techniques to traditional denim details. Extremely modern was also the reference to knitwear and clash with denim.

The Diesel Award celebrates the ideas of young talent and aims to ensure that their dreams come true. Li won a cash prize of €25,000 that she can use to promote her work in the best possible way and to invest in her career. In addition, she will be offered an internship of six months within the Diesel creative team at the company’s headquarters in Italy.

Diesel is keen to support young talents who dare to challenge accepted norms. The brand stands for a lifestyle driven by passion, braveness and enthusiasm. This is what the ITS spirit resembles and embraces and is the reason why Diesel continues to support this project.
Tatjana von Elverfeldt

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