Carsten Nicolai
Carsten Nicolai

20 Mar. 2012


German artist Carsten Nicolai will cooperate with Scandinavian fashion brand Cos. Nicolai, renowned for his comprehensive works with math and cybernetic patterns, grids, codes, self-organizing structures and intentional defaults, will create an exclusive art piece for the Cos store in Berlin, based on the principle of light reflection. A bundled ray of light from a spotlight will beam at a tape loop which will continuously change its shape while throwing a shadow at the wall, which appears as a film of light and shadow.

To mark the occasion of the Gallery Weekend Berlin, the artwork will be presented at the Cos store in Berlin Mitte on April 26 and remain exhibited for two weeks.

Tape loop as a piece of art
Tape loop as a piece of art

Mona Schmadl

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