Alberto Guerrini and Nicoletta Brescianini
Alberto Guerrini and Nicoletta Brescianini
Retailer of the Week

03 May. 2011


Understated clean women's fashion and contemporary casual menswear are what you’ll find in the most diverse Coffee.N.Televisiøn store in Bergamo, Italy. Cool eyewear and footwear complete the offer of Alberto Guerrini and Nicoletta Brescianini's always evolving store and assemblage of ideas.

The men's and women's apparel research store was opened in 2007 in Palazzolo sull'Oglio, in Northern Italy, near Brescia. It used to sell designer and contemporary brands and a selection of vintage clothing, most of which characterized by a Northern European spirit and appeal. In 2008, the two owners moved to Bergamo, a city nearby, and decided to stop selling second-hand apparel, though maintaining the same inspiration. Since their new start, their store never looked the same because they wanted to keep it as an always evolving location with mobile decors and eye-catching elements. Despite this, in a few months they plan to start renovating it by adding more steady decoration in order to create a more stable image, while maintaining their own unique experimental and forward-minded approach. By Maria Cristina Pavarini

“We love to constantly evolve and launch different initiatives. About ten days ago we launched our online store ( Here, we are also selling clothes, accessories, but also books, magazines and fanzines - as our store does. In fact, we also run our publishing house, 'Coffeine Books', through which we print special limited editions of books, magazines, prints, artists' works on a precious paper completed with sealing wax. Furthermore, we also run a blog, and provide our customers with regular newsletters.
Coffe.N.Televisiøn shop window
Coffe.N.Televisiøn shop window

Amongst our bestsellers for women there is Marios. This brand is sold only in very few exclusive stores worldwide, and is created by two designers, a Polish and Cypriote. Also very popular are the labels Surface to Air, February, Maria Serpeta Petrovic and Wood Wood. All collections are innovative. For instance, Marios offers mostly dresses, very understated, though innovative items that can be worn in many different ways...some of them can be worn in nine alternative ways! We are also selling oversized knitwear pieces, silk dresses and tops. All of them are understated items, innovative, though simple.

For men, our bestselling brands at the moment include Raf Simons, Raf By Raf, Fred Perry, Volta Footwear, Soulland, Wood Wood and Uniforms for the Dedicated. We also sell some designer brands, but always tend to change designers. In the past, we sold Vivienne Westwood and from f/w 2011/2012 we will sell Martin Margiela. Most successful for men is a mix of clean, retro and casual contemporary: A Northern European-minded style, British ‘60s-inspired skinny trousers and button-down shirts - but it's not Mod style. Our customers also like the ‘50s ‘Mad Men’ styles and clean workwear elements.

Regarding accessories we sell a lot of footwear and - one may think it's normal for the season, though we cannot take nothing for granted - sunglasses. What we sell best in terms of eyewear are two US brands - Moscot, always worn by actors playing in the Cohen brothers' movies, and Illesteva. More commercial and with a younger appeal to it, is the Italian brand Sunettes. They offer one model in lots of colors and come with Zeiss lenses.
footwear selection
footwear selection

Women's footwear number one bestsellers are Rockin', which are unisex laced-up British shoes and are very popular with our customers despite these shoes are classic men's Derby style models. For men, we sell Volta Footwear and Generic Surplus, '50s inspired sailing shoes, often carrying canvas and hemp woven uppers. Also successful are Surface to Air shoes and a classic style - Palladium. In term of accessories the brand You Must Create is hot. Regarding jewelry, we are selling gothic-inspired handmade silver pieces by Black Sanctuary, a gothic-meets-Masonic inspired collection by an Italian designer. Another successful jewelry collection is El Rana. This other Italian artisan-made collection is made out of copper and is inspired by tattoo art.

Moreover, we often organize events in our stores. For instance, we recently organized a "dark" event in our store for the launch of Black Sanctuary and have just started with “Four Lines", an art photography exhibition inspired by Nordic landscapes, as part of our own publishing house initiatives."

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