Cheap Monday
Cheap Monday's shoe collection

21 Dec. 2010


Swedish denim company Cheap Monday will launch two separate collections for shoes and underwear as of fall of 2011. “This launch of two new product categories is part of our strategy to accelerate growth even further,” says Håkan Ström, COO of Cheap Monday. The design and production of footwear and underwear were carried out in-house. “In some technical areas, we have worked with external footwear specialists,” Ström adds. “But neither the footwear nor the underwear line will be part of a license agreement.”

The shoe range consists of a main collection and a seasonal collection and includes eleven styles for women and six for men. Retail prices range between €40 and 170 for women’s shoes, and between €40 and 140 for men’s shoes. The distribution might differ from market to market: “In the more mature markets, we see both fashion stores and more specialized shoe retailers or underwear specialists,” Ström says. The first Cheap Monday shoe collection will hit stores in August of 2011.
Cheap Monday
Cheap Monday's underwear line

Cheap Monday’s underwear line consists of a main collection, a seasonal collection, as well as an additional special collection. The first collection is said to hit stores in October of 2011 and includes three programs for women and three for men. The price range in stores goes from €10 to 20 for women’s styles, and from €10 to 16 for men’s styles.

During the launch phase, the relevant markets for the shoe and underwear collections are the Nordic countries, as well as France, Italy, Germany, the UK and Australia.
Julia Mönnich

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