Jeans- and Eye-wear by Care Label
Jeans- and Eye-wear by Care Label

06 Mar. 2012


Care Label, the premium jeans brand ran by Indigoscape's Leopoldo Durante and Lapo Elkann, is now concentrating on its new Denim (Pr)objects initiative. At White Milano for fall/winter 2012-13 two new objects were presented in cooperation with other brands. One was a sunglasses model following the inspiration of a new jeans style, Lacline, a tight-fit denim trouser carrying lacquered rubber edgings in red and blue - the two distinguishing colours of the brand. The eyewear was launched in collaboration with Elkann's Italia Independent and adorned with denim and rubber applications, echoing the newly launched jeans.
Eco-armchair by Essenti'al in cooperation with Care Label
Eco-armchair by Essenti'al in cooperation with Care Label

Also new is the “Forest Mud” collaboration with Essent’ial, a brand of accessories and furnishing elements for home and recreation. Essent’ial's Eco-armchair, the Eco-bench and the Eco-pouf underwent a unique bath resin treatment by Care Label. Such resin comes from the Brazilian Amazonian Forest and is generally used for its waterproof properties and also offers excellent tear-resistance. A denim red and blue selvedge insert complete and identify this new co-branding project.
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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