Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth

29 May. 2012


Supermodel Lara Stone
Supermodel Lara Stone
Calvin Klein announced that on May 23, the company held a unique, multi-brand event in collaboration with one of New York’s most respected institutions, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, in Seoul, South Korea.

For the occasion, Calvin Klein presented a special one-night-only exhibition entitled, “Infinite Loop” organized by the New Museum and curated by Lauren Cornell, the Executive Director of Rhizome and Adjunct Curator at the New Museum. Created in tribute to the legendary video art pioneer, Nam June Paik, the exhibit featured a group of international artists whose works carry on the exploration of technology and participatory art – a movement Paik helped ignite in the 1960s.

The private event, held in a custom built structure on top of the landmark Seoul Station, premiered three specially commissioned interactive video installations by prominent digital artists Rafaël Rozendaal, Scott Snibbe, and collective Flightphase. The evening was complemented by a curated program of videos displayed on the world’s largest LED screen located across from Seoul Station, one of the most highly trafficked intersections in the city’s transportation system. Towering at twenty-three stories tall, the Seoul Square Media Canvas served as the centerpiece of the event and added a public dimension to the occasion.

The evening was hosted by the company’s Creative Directors - Francisco Costa (women’s Calvin Klein Collection), Italo Zucchelli (men’s Calvin Klein Collection), and Kevin Carrigan (ck Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans). Calvin Klein’s President & CEO, Tom Murry, as well as the New Museum’s Toby Devan Lewis Director, Lisa Phillips, Ms. Cornell, Mr. Rozendaal, and Flightphase’s Jeff Crouse and Karolina Sobecka were also on hand at the event.

Special guests in attendance included actresses Kate Bosworth and Chloe Moretz, and supermodel Lara Stone. Photographer, blogger and model, Hanneli Mustaparta - who is now a contributor to the company’s official Tumblr blog at calvinklein.tumblr.com - was also present. All were wardrobed by Calvin Klein Collection.

Other notables in attendance wardrobed by Calvin Klein included Zhang Zilin, Hyori Lee, Doo Na Bae, A Ra Go, Ye-ryeon Cha, Eun-hye Park, Hee Hyun Park, So Young Kang, Jun Ji-hyun, Sung Il Kim, So Hee Hwang, Min-jun Kim, Be Young Lee, Do Kyung Hwang, Hee Hyun Park, Wonjung Kim and Korean boy group EXO-K’s Kai, Se Hun, Chanyeol, Suho, D.O. and Baek Hyun. Additional notables in attendance included Sung-yong Kim, Myung Han Kim, Yong Se Kim, Haegue Yang and Kyungmin Lee.

Kate Bosworth has a long-standing relationship with the house, having been featured in Calvin Klein Jeans’ Spring 2008 global advertising campaign. Since Fall 2010, she has been the face of Calvin Klein’s branded global advertising campaigns, and it was recently announced that she will be featured in the new worldwide campaign for women’s fragrance, euphoria Calvin Klein.

Kevin Carrigan (ck Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans)
Kevin Carrigan (ck Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans)

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