new shooping mall: Bikini Berlin
new shooping mall: Bikini Berlin

07 Sep. 2012

Bikini Berlin mall announces more names of tenants

This week saw the roofing ceremony of the Berlin Bikini mall that is located right in the heart of West Berlin between Kurfürstendamm and Zoologischer Garten. The multifunctional complex with cinema, hotel, shopping and food areas and offices is meant to be a further shopping and lifestyle highlight of German’y's capital and shall open its doors in autumn 2013.

Real estate investment company Bayerische Hausbau has carefully redesigned the building, that was originally developed in the 50ies and now offers a total of 90.000 sqm and 54.000 sqm to be used, and hopes to attract more tenants also from the fashion industry. So far only Berlin retailer Andreas Murkudis has been confirmed from the fashion segment. Murkudis who specialises in designer and premium fashion will run a 1.200 sqm space at Bikini Berlin. Among the new tenants that Bayerische Hausbau announced are rather non-fashion concepts such as Cyberport, coffee chain Einstein Kaffee and restaurant chain Block House. “Regarding other stores from the fashion segment we are still negotiating,“ says Dr. Jürgen Büllesbach, CEO of Bayerischer Hausbau. 60% of the total area is rented at current state.
in progress: Bikini Berlin
in progress: Bikini Berlin

The investor who took over the area in 2002 and according to Büllesbach “invests more than 100, but less than 200 million Euro“ created the brand Bikini Berlin for the centre to follow the motto „live diffently“ connected with a rather sustainable idea and a way of „intelligent consumption“. Büllesbach pointed out the idea of modern retail that will be underlined by a very open archtiecture similar to a market place and a big garden area. The name refers to the original building that because of its two-part structured form resembled a bikini.

In connection with the opening of the Cumberland house complex on the upper Kurfürstendamm where the second branch of Karl-Heinz Müllers 14 oz. store concept will start beginning of October Bikini Berlin is meant to bring back more shopping power to make the West part of the city more attractive.
Sabine Kühnl

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