Bossa Glowing Whispers
Bossa Glowing Whispers

24 Nov. 2011


At the upcoming edition of Denim By PV, happening in Paris between Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 2011, Turkish denim mill Bossa will celebrate its 60th anniversary by presenting the denim community Glowing Whispers, their newest denim development. Within a special artistic installation, a 100sqm-maze will host 12 models wearing special "glowing denim" garments designed by contemporary Turkish designer Evrim Timur, one of the very few Turkish designers who has participated in the catwalk shows at Milan Fashion Week in the last years.
Bossa Glowing Whispers
Bossa Glowing Whispers

"Glowing Whispers is an innovative denim fabric, the result of the ongoing work at the Bossa R&D lab," commented Gulperi Erkanli, Marketing Manager Bossa. The fabric is obtained through a special finish that gives a multidimensional sheen and glow to the fabric, and that reacts to light and movement. “The fabric has a very alive and vivid aspect," continues Erkanli. “Sometimes, the exact same garment will be just a beautiful, authentic piece of denim, and sometimes during the day, it will sparkle and glow, sometimes subtly and discreetly and sometimes very boldly. It's like the changing moods of a person during the day."

The project was carried out by Bossa's own R&D lab made up of a team of 58 people all of which have PhD, postgraduate and graduate degrees.

“We are used to having the kind of denim that ages and gets beautiful through wearing and washing over a long period of time. With Glowing Whispers, in addition to the authentic character and evolution of denim, the fabric changes over the course of seconds, fitting the moods, the movements, the life that we all experience in a day - be it while you are at work or spend some hours in your favorite nightclub."
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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