New Benetton store in New Delhi
New Benetton store in New Delhi

21 Oct. 2011


Italian Benetton Group has reopened its ‘South Extension’ megastore in New Delhi, India, a country in which it has been operating for 20 years already, but aims at increasing its presence.

The South Extension store has been redesigned according to the new interiors concept, which conveys innovation, beauty and customer care. It is located in a strategic position in the heart of the capital to offer an all-embracing panorama of the Benetton world, display the entirety of the collections and offer an international shopping experience to its sophisticated Indian customers.

This is a new stage within the group’s investment program for developing and restyling its Indian sales network, and its industrial activities, in partnership with local business people who help to boost entrepreneurial initiatives, create new jobs and boost local economies.

Benetton currently has 400 stores in over 100 towns and cities across the nation and registered a 13% growth of revenues in 2010. Moreover, it plans to open 40 more stores by the end of 2011 reaching a total of 70 shops opened during 2011.
New Benetton store in New Delhi
New Benetton store in New Delhi

Maria Cristina Pavarini

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