Promotional image of the collection with Du Pasquier
Promotional image of the collection with Du Pasquier

28 Mar. 2014

American Apparel collection with Nathalie Du Pasquier

By the end of this month, fashion label American Apparel will release a collection designed together with the French artist Nathalie Du Pasquier. The collection features 20 limited designs for men and women in classic and new American Apparel silhouettes with the colorful prints of Du Pasquier. The brand will reveal the new styles monthly until the end of summer, including swimwear and leather accessories.

The inspiration for this line comes from Nathalie Du Pasquier’s postmodern print designs for the Memphis Group, which she co-founded with Ettore Scottsass in 1981 in Milan. Over the years, Du Pasquier has produced a great amount of self-created surface samples that have been used as an art object or for fashion- and interior design.

All limited pieces of the fashion collection will only be available in selected American Apparel stores. In Germany, the line will be sold in Berlin Mitte, Munich and the brand’s online store.

Lorenzo Molina

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On 28.03.2014 at 23:58 Cutbelly wrote:

American Apparel CEO

If the company survives until the end of the month. Dov is running it into the ground.


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