Alicia Keys X Reebok for fashion collaboration
Alicia Keys X Reebok for fashion collaboration

17 Sep. 2012

Alicia Keys x Reebok

Singer/songwriter Alicia Keys has partnered up with Reebok to design the brand’s Classics collection for fall/winter 2012, aptly named Alicia Keys x Reebok. Keys redesigned the line and gave each style, including the the Freestyle Hi, the Freestyle Double Bubble, the Classic Nylon Slim and the Princess, her own personal touch. The limited collection will be in available on October 1 at Foot Locker stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Keys said, “I’ve been a Reebok fan since I first worn my 5411’s. The collaboration with Reebok and the draft of my first collection were a whole new experience for me, in which I could use my creativity in a different way.”
Nina Ruseler

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