Adidas Springblade orange
Adidas Springblade orange

14 Aug. 2013

Adidas launches the Springblade

Adidas has launched its new Springblade running shoe, which is designed to help propel you forward.

The shoe features 16 blades that are angled forward and positioned on the outsole. The blades are made from highly elastic high-tech polymer and instantaneously react to any environment, compressing and releasing energy with each step. The Adidas Innovation Team (AIT) tested hundreds of geometries and materials to ensure that each individually tuned spring produces maximum energy output and withstands any force.

Springblade’s design combines energy performance benefits with superior cushioning and comfort. The blades provide the illusion of levitation and are tuned with precision according to geometry, thickness and positioning. In addition, they are seven times more temperature resistant than Adidas’ standard EVA cushioning for consistent performance.

Adidas Springblade is available since August 1 in selected countries on and at Adidas Sport Performance stores. In Germany (and some other European countries), the Springblade will not have its retail launch before the first quarter of 2014.

Maybe the next sneaker trend: The Springblade
Maybe the next sneaker trend: The Springblade

Tatjana von Elverfeldt

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