Anna Cumerlato and Nicola Calò
Anna Cumerlato and Nicola Calò
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09 Nov. 2010


Anna Cumerlato and Nicola Calò, owners of steetwear store Folks, Verona, Italy, on their bestsellers, exclusive products, and why Vans are their favorite. By Maria Cristina Pavarini

“At present, Vans are our bestseller since we have always believed in them - first as consumers and now as retailers. Now we like to offer some of the hardest-to-find sneaker models that - at least in our city – are only available at our store. In addition to Vans, denim shirts and tight-fitted jeans are surely among our current bestsellers.

On the other hand, we generally cannot say that there is something we are not selling at all. So far, we're mostly selling almost all the items we have ordered because we prefer to select our offer rather than overload our store. Moreover, we tend not to buy too many pieces of each model in order to constantly show our customers fresh and new products every once in a while. In general, if we have to choose an item that might not sell that much right now, we'd rather pick cardigans and regular-fitted pants.

Among the denim brands we like most, is the Swedish brand Dr. Denim for its very fresh and easy-to-wear look. We also like an Italian small label, On and On, for its very international look and great care for detailing and product finish. Customers right now are mostly buying clean dark blue skinny jeans. What they are most crazy about is the fact that the jeans must be super tight-fitted at the calf. If they are not tight enough, they ask to have that reduced by a tailor or at home.

We are also selling waterproof jackets with inner linings and hooded macro-sweat often cut like a jacket. T-shirts are among our bestselling items as well. We import Californian brand Mollusk we discovered at a surf shop in San Francisco. These T-shirts are decorated with prints designed by Californian artists. In general, people look for white T-shirts decorated with clean and simple prints that must look like simple handmade pencil drawings. Rather than pop decors, they like folk and essential decors. We also sell the Ah-Mazing T-shirts by an Italian T-shirt expert who is involving local designers decorating some American Apparel T-shirts. Another special product we are selling well are pashmina or cotton double-face scarves by an Italian brand called Artillery Lane. They are exclusively made for us. They are triangle-shaped, often carrying leather patches, and always refined at their edges with cuir small details.

Talking about sneakers once again,Vans are our favorite. We consider it the coolest brand because it is so forward-minded compared to others in their category. Although it is an old-school brand it is always developing new ideas and setting trends that other companies are following. Also their T-shirts are among our number one bestsellers. I think the brand truly understands what the market is asking for right now.

We usually find inspiration by attending Bright in Berlin which simultaneously is taking place to Bread & butter. Bright is always very interesting for the streetwear scene. We also would like to visit CPH in Copenhagen, even though we mostly prefer to make our scouting via the internet, blogs, or directly visiting little stores abroad which offer local unknown brands."

Comments [3]

On 09.11.2010 at 17:16 carlotta wrote:

a shop with friends

I went there and the people are very friendly and kind! there's cool stuff!!! go there!C

On 09.11.2010 at 11:58 anna p. wrote:

Folks article

a cool shop needs to be honoured!! :) i would love to come visit you one day!
cheers, anna p. :)

On 09.11.2010 at 11:45 Folks wrote:

Folks article

Thanks guys! We feel very honoured!!


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