Alessandro Benetton
Alessandro Benetton

24 Apr. 2012


Luciano Benetton
Luciano Benetton
Alessandro Benetton was unanimously named President of Benetton Group today after the board of directors meeting. Although the decision was made in 2006, Benetton’s father Luciano - who will stay on as non-executive councilor – made the announcement two days ago during an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. "After a run that has lasted 47 years, Tuesday I will leave my duties and pass the baton on to my son Alessandro, who will become president. He will need passion above all, the same as he has shown over the last two years as vice president. He’s also shown that he is not a guy who will let it go. He showed that when he created 21 Investimenti, and the results he achieved are proof. It is part of his character - the willingness to pursue success in his own initiatives."

That won't be the only change at Benetton Group. According to Corriere della Sera, after the company's delisting, CEO Gianni Mion will be leaving in June 2012. After 26 years spent inside Benetton, Mion is thought of as the true architect behind the diversification of the holding in activities including highways, publishing and finance.
Maria Cristina Pavarini

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