Alberto, s/s 2012
Alberto, s/s 2012

19 Mar. 2012


Cheers, Grandseigneur! - Gallery
Alberto, the grand seigneur of denim and legwear, fetes its 90th birthday this year. The family business with three labels - Alberto - Pants we love, Alberto Golf and ADenim - has become a true global player over the years, thanks to its undaunted commitment and passion for its legwear-craftsmanship. Despite its success, the company is still run by third generation family members Georg Walendy, Marco Lanowy and Jürgen Schmiedel, who value the brand’s characteristic fusion of tradition and zeitgeist paired with fashion and fun.

These qualities were personified in a recent project from ADenim called “Roof Destroyed Denims.” On the roof of its headquarters, the company weathered several pairs of jeans in sun, ice, rain and storm over a period of 12 months in an attempt to gain new insights on destroyed effects. Spontaneity has often worked wonders for the company. When ADenim was added in Alberto in 2009, and Alberto Golf in 2004, the add-ons weren't based on calculations but on an impulse from the Alberto entrepreneurs and staff.

Alberto, 1980s
Alberto, 1980s
In June, Alberto will release a sophisticated anniversary book for customers and friends. It journeys through the business' history, over which much has changed since Dr. Albert Dormans founded the trouser factory in 1922, for example the company's logistics center with a capacity of 190,000 trousers.

Alberto aims to continue to shape the fashion industry with its unique looks, unconventional strategies and innovative material functions. At the close of the 2011 fiscal year, the company recorded a growth of 17%.
Mona Schmadl

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