The British menswear brand Judge & Jury was founded in 2011 in Manchester with a main focus on denim. The name and motto of Judge & Jury speaks for itself: “Our plan is to release tough-minded guys back onto the streets wearing stylish menswear. The verdict of Judge & Jury is freedom for those with a desire to throw away the uniform. We offer a razor sharp but gritty look - a daring escape from the confinement of institutionalised fashion,” quotes a company statement.

For its spring/summer 2014 collection the brand will be targeting the 18 to 28 year old market offering affordable menswear. The inspiration for summer 2014 comes from the workwear tradition. Faded denim, acid-, bleaches-, rust and garage washes characterises the denim collection. In addition, Judge & Jury have introduced a line of shirts, shorts, sweats, jackets, tops, caps and bags. Fresh colour usage of earthy pastels, diluted indigos and vibrant detail are key design inspiration. The wholesale prices are 30 Euro for denim jeans, 35 Euro for denim jackets, 58 Euro for outerwear parka, 42 Euro for cardigans, 25 Euro for sweats, 28 Euro for overshirt and 32 Euro for quilted bomber.

Judge & Jury is being strategically positioned through a strong retail plan offering on-trend relevant product, in-store support and cooperative retail communication. The brand aims to open new retail doors across department stores, chain stores, internet and catalogue retail.