Summit Future Of Fashion THE FUTURE OF…
Peter Ducker
…consumer shopping.
what doesn’t kill us only make us stronger!
…multibrand retail.
survival of the fittest!
…fashion trends.
what is the new black?
pay it forward!
a marriage made in heaven!
…green fashion.
a matter of ethics!

In the third of its ongoing summit series held on the eve of the opening of Berlin’s biannual fashion attractions, Sportswear International presents its most useful and forward-thinking summit topic yet:

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   -   July 3rd, 2012
   -   In Berlin
   -   Starting at 10 am
   -   At the Ellington Hotel

Focusing on future business opportunities and challenges for the denim and fashion sectors from manufacturing to retail and all divisional categories from design to sales and marketing, this enlightening event will include lively panel discussions with industry leaders and game-changing experts, retailers and brands.

It will NOT consist of dull “this is my company’s story” speeches or snooze-worthy statistics-stuffed Power Point presentations. Rather, it will be a gathering of the industry’s best and most dynamic minds who will discuss - and undoubtedly argue about - the future of consumer shopping, trends, multibrand retail, pricing, collaborations and cooperations, among other topics.

“The Future of Fashion” summit is a unique gotta-be-there event. At no other time or place will such an esteemed group of industry experts gather together to share their ideas and insights with a live audience. In addition, instead of focusing on today’s hot topics and potential crises, this summit already prepares for what lies ahead….

Be ready to face the future!

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