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On a winning streak

With top fashion trends at competitive prices, BROADWAY NYC Fashion is on its way to becoming an international brand

New York's Broadway is one of the most famous streets in the world. Its intoxicating atmosphere and hustle and bustle make it the lifeblood of the city. Trends are born right there, in the middle of Manhattan. The enthusiasm for this special and creative mood was the source of inspiration for founding Hamburg-based BROADWAY NYC Fashion in 1976. And, more than 30 years later, Broadway stands as the identity of the label: fashion from BROADWAY means coolness and zeitgeist, lifestyle and passion.

Above all, characteristic: the enormous price advantages that BROADWAY continuously offers despite the high demands of its own fashion. In order to maintain these permanently, the label makes use of the experiences and infrastructure of its parent company, Dr. Rehfeld Fashion AG - one of the first private label manufacturers in Europe. Today, BROADWAY is present in more than 30 countries and supplies approx. 2,000 customers with an export share of more than 65-70%. For these, designers and stylists in the fashion metropolises of the world are always on the lookout for the latest styles and trends. Their travels take them wherever fashion trends are made: New York, but also London, Tokyo and Barcelona. BROADWAY's fashion is thus always at the cutting edge.

With five collection segments, BROADWAY time and again proves its excellent price-performance ratio: BROADWAY WOMAN is the feminine collection for a young target group that commercially implements current trends and new high fashion silhouettes. BROADWAY MAN, the male counterpart, focuses on modern, commercial sportswear that is based on an individual colour concept. BROADWAY JEANS is the line that takes up the trendy lifestyle trends of the metropolises and implements them for young women and men in a targeted way. Its focus: everything that can be combined with denim - including accessories such as scarves, belts and bags. The BROADWAY collections comprise some 1,000 pieces for women and men every season. Depending on topicality, basic and seasonal ranges are on offer.

But, as varied as BROADWAY fashions may be, all the collections have one thing in common: a passion for trendy young fashion, an unfailing sense for the current trends - and an always casual, individual style.

Broadway NYC Fashion


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